People who played a role during the journey ...

THE TRAVELLERS from left to right - Annl, Lali, Andrea, Jens

The "tourist party" insisting of:

  • Annl - responsible for beautiful slides and interesting contacts
  • Lali - responsible for english communication and general overview
  • Jens - responsible for speed and good mood and
  • Andrea - responsible for these pages and the general organization…
- all in all, a well-established team, crisis-proof and always optimistic! Thank you friends!

CARLOS & Claudia

Carlos - A Nicaraguan who actually comes from Austria or the other way round. Anyway, he alternately spent half of his life here and the other half there. It's strange somehow, if you hear a supposed local speaking an Austrian dialect… And he simply knows everything, really!

Together with his Nicaraguan girlfriend (meanwhile his wife!!) Claudia they are involved in handicapped people, particularly for barrier-free building. (Claudia is an Architect.)

He told us a lot and gave us great tips. He also organized the trip to the rum factory though it isn't possible officially. His homepage:

Thanks for everything, Carlos!



Actually she was travelling through Panama, we met her when she was passing through Managua. A girl from Lübeck/Germany living in Dublin now. We got along straightaway and spent the beginning of our journey together. At the first evening she provided us massages and "Böhse-Onkelz" music from a plastic tumbler. After a sleepless night the sightseeing trip at the next morning was very hard then, anyway…! Regards to Dublin!



A Swabian who came to Nicaragua as a development aid volunteer several years ago and lives in Granada now. Unfortunately, we spent just a short time together. We'd like to mention him anyway because the development aid projects, that he is in charge of, deserves support in any case. We could have been listening to you for hours, Charly! Hopefully, Grandas firemen have understood the conduct in case of emergency meanwhile. Good luck in future!
Ayudante de Cartonera

Charly Steinmaier

Partypeople at the Rio San Juan River ISABEL, ANDRES & Co.

ISABELL und ANDRES - 2 Spaniards full of power who were working at a development aid project near Leon at the time of our journey. They spent a long weekend at the Rio San Juan River. Together we had a great time in El Castillo! Apart from them, there were Maria-Alejandra from Colombia and Damaris and her sister, 2 Nicas working at the same project.

Last but not least Peter from Denmark who we succesfully kept away from fishing and who made a lot of fun in return. Especially when we met him again by chance on Little Corn Island 10 days later. Interesting talks, nice trips and Flor-de-Caña until we knew the tongue-twister in three languages off by heart… We miss you!



Fisherman from Corn Island whose hospitality we enjoyed very much. He lives next to the "Instituto" and speaks three languages. By him we got some sort of idea of the hard everyday-life on the island and met not only his family but the whole village.

Sparqui and his son


Regine - a German woman living together with her Guatemalan husband on Corn Island and runs a hotel there. The food in the restaurant belonging to it is very recommendable. They organize diving tours as well and know an answer to any question! It was nice at your place!

Hotel Nautilus at Corn Island

Additionally, regards to everybody who enriched our tour and were not mentioned here! Particularly kind regards to Nico, Henry, Fritz, Sven, Clemens, Paola, Giovanni, Norma, Anna and the production manager of "Flor-de-Caña". We won't forget you!

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