Route & organization

We went from Berlin to Managua via Paris and Houston. From there we travelled all over the country for 4 weeks - it's because we hadn't planed anything before...

We booked the return flight, we got information from books and on the internet but mostly we decided spontaneously when we got there.

Like everytime, we didn't use special tourist buses or guided tours (there weren't hardly any anyway). Instead we went by local transports (buses, boats) to get from one place to another, preferably spent the nights in simple accommodations or just on the beach and looked after our own welfare otherwise, too. All these things worked without any problems, even in a country like Nicaragua.

Besides the capital Managua we visited the colonial towns Leon and Granada, climbed up a volcano on the island Ometepe in the Lake Nicaragua, stayed at the Atlantic coast, walked through the jungle at the Rio San Juan River and relaxed on the Caribbean islands Corn Island for one week at the end of the journey.


Let's go!

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