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A journey into the dark? Since the end of the civil war, dictatorship and political trouble we didn't hear much from the biggest Central American state.

residents: 5,2 Mio.
total area: 130.700 qkm
capital: Managua

We already have been fascinated of Central America since our first travel there. Now we couldn't wait to see this country which has been through a lot in the past and hasn't been playing an important role for tourism yet - wrongly, as we could see!

Besides its changeable history, Nicaragua is characterized by unique landscapes, lakes, volcanoes, islands and colonial towns. During our holidays we visited some of these places, met many interesting people and picked up great experiences! Share our enthusiasm and tell us your opinion in our guestbook! Have fun with these pages!

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... you will only find private experiences. For common facts about the country and tourist information look at the link list.

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