Juigalpa / Rama / Bluefields

To get to our next destination Bluefields we had to go a long and inconvenient way again. Particularly the five-hours bus trip from San Carlos to Juigalpa was not made for people with sensitive spinal column or somebody who is allergic to sandů

After an overnight stay in this relatively large town, surrounded by a sparsely populated area, we went to Rama, where the road ends and we used a speed boat for the last 100 km on the Rio Escondido River.

Arrived in Bluefields you could properly feel the Caribbean flair: the typical architectural style, even more leisureliness, reggae music, dark-skinned people, English instead of Spanish - everything was different than in the rest of the country.

The town lives from fishing and is actually not really spectacular though there is a special charm anyway...

port of Bluefields

Caribbean calmness

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Pure Caribbean at Corn Island






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