Corn Island

In order to get even more Caribbean feeling and to relax from the exciting journey we spent the last week at Corn Island (or "Islas del Maíz") - a little paradise consisting of two island in the Caribbean Sea.

Although the natural disasters of the last years left its marks here too and the islander live in very poor circumstances, their hospitality and zest for life let our stay become an exceptional time.

We met Sparqui, a local lobster fisherman, who invited us for a meal and we followed. A few times we stayed with him and his family, he told us a lot about the everyday-life on the island, about his view to history and politics of the country and about the Mísquito Indians, an ethnic group in Nicaragua with its own language and culture. Together we cooked Rondon, a typical dish with lobster, fish and coconut milk.

Wonderful beaches, coral reefs for snorkelling and diving, dishes right from the sea, reggae music and parties made our stay perfect…

We spent 2 days on Little Corn Island - as the name said the smaller one of the two islands, but an increase of romance, Caribbean cliché and unspoilt nature, including snow-white, virtually deserted beaches! Here you can still feel like Robinson Crusoe - almost too good to be true!

Somehow a good feeling to know that there are still places like this one in the world!


Dreamlike beaches at Corn Island

Cooking with Sparqui

Waiting for the sunset

At Little Corn Island

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For time reasons we went back to Managua by plane. There we did a few last things and celebrated our goodbye from Carlos before we went back to the hard reality at the return flight…







   San Juan


   El Castillo


   Corn Island

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