The most beautiful town on our trip! At the shores of the Lake Nicaragua the town welcomes the visitors with streets of houses in colonial style and a charming flair.

We spent much time here strolling through the town and the markets or just watching the hustle and bustle at the shady Plaza Central. For trips to the surroundings it's obvious to use the typical means of transportation - the horse-drawn carriage.

In this way we reached the fortress La Pólvora, which is used as a weapon museum today. After we woke up the guard with a start, we had to hear that all the weapons were at the restoration right now. Well, there was a nice view at the town from the watchtower after all.

And of course, we insisted on visiting the "home volcano" of Granada - the Mombacho. We went by extra adapted lorries at a very steep road - past coffee and banana plantations - up to the top of the extinct volcano. From there you have a fantastic view at the town and the Isletas in the Lake Nicaragua.

Visiting the old cemetery of Granada was worthwhile as well. The first president of Nicaragua, Fruto Chamorro, is buried there for example.

By boat from Granada on to …


View at the Plaza Central

Better than taxi: the horse-drawing carriage

View from the Mombacho at the Isletas in the Lake Nicaragua

Impressive background of the old cemetery

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