Leon & surroundings

The former capital and the second largest town of the country - one of the places with the typically numerous churches (but here there are even more!), among them the largest cathedral of Central America. Besides, Leon is considered to be an intellectual centre and a stronghold of the FSLN. Despite, we didn't really like the town very much because of the vast number of buildings -we felt better in the spacious Granada somehow...

Largest cathedral of Central America in Leon

On our trip to San Jacinto, a tiny village at the foot of a volcano range, we have seen a special nature spectacle: seething mud springs similar geysers shows in an impressive way the power of the earth's interior and the origin of the volcanic action. While we were suffering under the heat from the top and the bottom, the children of the village bravely practised their later careers as tourist guides.

The Hot Springs of San Jacinto

Inside these oak barrels the rum ages
4, 5, 7 or more years depending on the product.

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We fulfilled us a special desire by visiting the Flor-de-Caña rum factory! In Chichigalpa is the largest sugar cane factory of Central America - here we were explained the manufacturing process of the drink that we already elected the best rum of the world before the journey and that we have enjoyed time and again during it…

To the south ... at the Rio San Juan River






   San Juan


   El Castillo


   Corn Island

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