Capital, economic and political centre of the country and residence of more than a fifth of the total population of Nicaragua. The aftermath of a devastating earthquake in 1972, which destroyed almost the whole city centre, have been obvious up to now. Ruins have been left, new houses were built up at other places.

Colour and smell of the once so beautiful Lake Managua testifies in a depressing way of the fact that all (!) of the sewage of the city run into the lake. There are plans to improve the situation but they haven't put into action yet for financial reasons.

Carlos - Austrian Nicaraguan (or the other way round?) who we met by chance - showed us the most interesting and most important places of the "new" and the "old" Managua. Without him we wouldn't have seen so much in this extensive city, especially because there were no street names or other points of reference to orientate oneself.

He told us all interesting facts about politics and history, about lifestyle and characteristics of the locals and of course about himself- a perfect start for our travel through the country!

View at the city and the Lake Managua

At the "Plaza de República"

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