Isla de Ometepe

The biggest of the numerous islands in the Lake Nicaragua consisting of 2 extinct volcanoes which are enthroned above the lake and are connected by an isthmus.

Already the crossing by the shaky ships, when there were some waves, caused stomach-ache even for practised travellers… But we were rewarded with the view at the island with the two hills, and the trip to the volcano one day later put everything in the shade!

Madeiras, the smaller one of the two volcanoes - 1345 meters high and overgrown with dense tropical rain forest - enticed with a crater lake and a beautiful view. In the beginning of the ascent we still noticed interesting things such as Petroglyph stones and howler monkeys, but the further way turned out to be a daring climbing tour!

Nearly at the end of our condition we waded through mud, climbed over roots and through crevices and covered the last part crambling on a rope. Every mountain rescue services' hair had stood on end. But ours were wet all over because of perspiration and of the rain forest, which did its name credit…

The mountain itself was wrapped into a big cloud all time. Great view! 4 hours ascent, 3 hours descent, a total of more than 10 km - isn't that active recreation!?

Although the pains in the muscles decreased after a few days we will never forget this trip!

For recreation we went -

View at the volcano Concepcion

Approach to Ometepe

Pure adventure: climbing on the volcano Madeiras

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