At the Rio San Juan River

By buses and boats nearly through the whole country, we reached our next destination: El Castillo at the Rio San Juan River, which connects the Lake Nicaragua with the Atlantic.

Here we lived in proper style in a pile dwelling directly above the river. Apart from funny parties with the international 10-people-crew of our accommodation, we mostly used the time for exploring the unspoilt nature surrounding the river.

For the common trip into the National Park "Reserva Biológica de los Ríos Indio y Maíz" we went by boat towards Atlantic. Here the river is the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In the National Park, besides the everytime impressive flora of the jungle, we saw mini-frogs and giant-ants - both about the same size then and extremely poisonous! Later we had a lot of fun when we were swimming in the river. It's said there were crocodiles here but fortunately we were wearing rubber boots…

Of course, we also visited the fortress, which gave the village its name and from where you have a great view at the river and its surroundings. Latest when you are here on the top you will understand the former strategic importance of the fortress.

All in all, the stay here was very relaxing. You feel far away from civilization - there are no cars, very few tourists and little comfort (water was running from the tap only half an hour daily…). The river dominates the life and as leisurely it runs goes the everyday life…

View at El Castillo and the fortress

Common trip to the National Park

Fascinating flora of the jungle

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